How to Improve Your Forward Head Posture


Forward head posture is a very common postural problem where the head sits forward and places undue strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. This condition can lead to ongoing complaints of neck stiffness, upper back and neck spasms and also headaches.

Often, this is the result of poor posture from down the chain of the body. The stomach sits forward, the middle curve in the spine is more pronounced and then the head sits forward. The head is forward to counterbalance the bad posture underneath it. When you stand correctly it should feel awkward and uncomfortable for your head to be forward.


Your pelvis needs to be rotated underneath you spine so the stomach is pulled in. You may need the assistance of an exercise physiologist, physiotherapist or chiropractor to find this good posture position.

Keep pelvis tucked under and have the spine in correct alignment all the way up.

Once you have good posture, perform chin tucks to strengthen the muscles that have been strained and stretched from the bad posture over the years. Do these as if you are trying to give yourself double chins. Perform a few sets of 5 repetitions several times throughout the day so you teach your body the correct posture and keep those muscle active. Slowly your posture will improve.
Also perform scapula retractor strengthening to help thoracic posture. Best exercises is the davinci row. Perform 3 sets of 5 reps


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